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A sphere of activity abounds here within the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods, and Conover is known as a "Starting Point of Adventure".

The famous Chain O' Lakes, the majestic Nicolet National Forest and the wonderous Wisconsin River provide a medley of pleasures season after season.

Whether it's the beautiful, exciting and yet serene wilderness or the festive entertainment and companionship of downtown, Conover is the place to be.


The land area of Conover is 80.0 square miles in Vilas County. Latitude: 46.04 N., Longitude: 89.29 W. It is 122.4 miles N.W. of Green Bay, WI and 200.2 0 miles N.E. of St. Paul MN. The nearest city with a population of 1,000,000+ is Chicago, IL which is 301.3 miles S.E.


Seth H. Conover was a business man with a passion for hunting and fishing. Frequently, in the late 1890s, he would travel by train for sporting on Big Twin Lake and although there was no station there he would have the train stop to let him off. After several years the railmen began referring to the area as "Conover's Place". In time a station was built there, along with several logging camps, farms and even a brickyard. The Conover Town Hall was errected in 1935 as the town had begun to grow. The old lumber camps became popular resorts due to the ideal location.

Fun Facts

Elevation: 1659 ft.

Population: 1,181 (as of 2009)

The annual snowfall for the Conover area will range from approximately 74 to 116 inches.

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