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More than half of the township territory is located in the Nicolet National Forest and the Ottawa National Forest is just two miles north.

The mighty Wisconsin River as well as the Deerskin River share their beginning here within the Phelps community.

Graced with some of nature's finest handy work this secluded area is truly a magnificant sporting, gaming, or relaxing paradise.


The land area of Phelps is 94.9 square miles in Vilas County. Latitude: 46.06 N., Longitude: 89.09 W. It is 119.1 miles N.W. of Green Bay, WI and 207.0 miles north. of Madison, WI. The nearest city with a population of 1,000,000+ is Chicago, IL which is 300.2 miles S.E.


Fur trading and logging were intertwined with the beginning of the community back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Lac Vieux Desert which was inhabited by the Chippewa Indians was a crossroads for the European fur traders. Finnish loggers had a large impact on the towns heritage. Originally known as Hackley the township was renamed in 1912. G.L. Draper established his trading post near Lac Vieux Desert and was the first settler in 1852. Congress authorized the building of Military Road in 1863 from a fort in Green Bay to a Fort at the top of Keweenaw County Michigan which ran past Draper's business. In 1905 the village was developed on North Twin Lake and from 1906-1912 Phelps experienced it's biggest growth spurt when Finnish loggers and farmers moved to the area..

Fun Facts

Elevation: 1770 ft.

Population: 1,408 (as of 2009)

The annual snowfall for the Phelps area will range from 74 to 116 inches.

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